The association STRICT (Schools Together Rich with ICT) (now disbnded) had two goals:

  • The administration and maintenance of a server-client system the member schools are using.
  • The administration of a fund of which revenues educational Open Source Software under GPL can be produced.

From a practical point of view this meant:

Concerning the first goal:

  • A cooperation of schools and boards that use an ICT environment, exchange information, cooperatively solve problems, share and save costs, cooperation on technical an content matters, mutual learning and much more.
    The basis of all this is freedom and independence of suppliers, brands, vendor lock-in, strangling contracts, and other ICT limitations in education.
  • Decide what is needed to improve our own-developed software and to share the costs of development. It's an old concept that dates back from the agriculture tool cooperations of the 19th century.
  • A form of management of servers and workstations in primary schools. By using clever installation- and management techniques schools can work quickly, cheap and secure.
The second goal meant:
  • Donations for educational OSS/GPL projects can, under conditions, be made to STRICT.
  • STRICT acts as an administrator for the projects donations and remits them, under the aforementioned conditions, to the projects.